Monthly Kaiseki (Omakase)


“This complete traditional Japanese meal is regarded as the transformation of the blessing of nature into food. This course consists of appetizers, soup, sashimi with simmered and broiled dishes, grilled dish and dessert”

Fugu Course


Sujiko shoyu Zuke (Autum Salmon Roe)

Fugu Kawa Ponzu (Puffer Skin)

Tara Shirako (Fish Sperm)

Raw Fish

Fugu Otsuzukuri (Puffer Fish Sashimi served with Ponzu)

Simmered Dish

Kabu Ni to Kani An

(Simmered Turnip with Crab Sauce)

Deep Fried Dish

Fugu Kara-age

(Deep Fried Puffer Fish)


Fugu Nabe

(Puffer Fish Hotpot & Puffer Fish Porridge )


Wine Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar

($150 Nett per person)

We Only Use Tora Fugu Direct Import From Japan




  1. Good morning,

    How much would a kaiseki meal cost?

    • We have a range of Kaiseki menus to suit every budget. Prices start at $60 per head to $180 for the most luxurious spread.

      Do give us a call to find out more… 🙂

  2. hi how much would such a menu (assuming the nov kaiseiki menu) cost per pax?

    • Hi

      For this particular Seasonal Kaiseki menu, it would cost $150 nett per person as it includes several Taraba Gani (King Crab) dishes – served with Chawamushi, the crab leg served with Mentai and cheese, on Nabe (steamed boat style) and in porridge for the main course.

      However for the rest of the Kaiseki menus, it comes in the range of $60 to $180 per person.

      Do give us a call should you wish to customise a Kaiseki menu comprising of your favourite dishes…. 🙂

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