Posted by: dezatodining | September 15, 2010

Finally….our very own bloggie :)

Dear loyal customers and friends…

Finally we now have our very own blog to update you on new promotions, dishes as well as seasonal delicacies that are coming your way.

So you never miss a good deal or a special seasonal item that is flown all the way from the land of the rising sun.



  1. My 1st visit to Dezato was in December 2009; after my friends went “missing” for 3 hours for dinner on X’mas eve. We were having a countdown in a pub at Boat Quay on 24/12/2009, 3 of my friends say they have to take dinner so we walk around for a fast dinner. After waiting and waiting, almost 20mins to midnight, I called them and wanted to find out wheather they went home and left me there.

    The answer I got: “The food is too good and we cannot resist to continue eating and chat with the Chef!”

    Well, we go to Dezato again and I fully agreed – The Food is really good!

    After that, this is our regular weekend fine dining place, no doubt!

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